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Our machine concept HELIOLAS offers performance in the starter price segment. This means proven standard technology for engravings. Optionally for direct laser, anilox or LAS applications.

HELIOLAS machines stand for experience, precision and reliability. Despite the uniform machine size, they enable the processing of big and small cylinders. Always in usual high quality.

For the most common engraving tasks, the customers can choose between three machine types with one, two or four beam technology. The spot size is around 10 μm.

Machine features

  • One machine size
  • Machine bed made from steel, filled with special concrete
  • Bearings equipped with precision spindle ball bearings
  • Servo motor with belts for the cylinder drive
  • Precision spindle with length measuring system for the feed


  • Imaging of printing and embossing cylinders: 4 beam technology for ablating black laser lacquer (200 W laser power)
  • Combined with coating and etching: Processing of steel and copper cylinders

Heliolas AX:

  • Engraving of anilox screen rollers with 4 beam technology (max. 2 x 400 W laser power in Ti203 ceramics)

Heliolas direct:

  • Direct engraving of embossing cylinders with 2 beam technology (max. 2 x 250 W laser power)
  • Typical cylinder surfaces for embossing applications: copper, steel, aluminium
Features Heliolas Heliolas AX Heliolas DI
Bed size 5000 mm 5000 mm 5000 mm
Cylinder diameter 50 to 500 mm 50 to 500 mm 50 to 500 mm
Cylinder length to 3700 mm to 3700 mm to 3700 mm
Laser sources 1 1 or 2 2
Laser types CW CW PS (NS)
Max. laser power 200 W 400 W 500 W
Beams 4 1 or 2 2
Spot size 10 µm 10 µm 10 µm
App. Lacquer
App. Metal direct
App. Anilox
App. Rubber
App. Security