Maximum performance
in all dimensions

Often customers, all over the world, are looking for laser machines which fulfill special requirements. Our machine concept DIGILAS is the direct path to reach this target without any detours: Our focus is clearly on the realisation of individual wishes. Together with our customers, we define such important factors as size, equipment and performance.

DIGILAS machines offer state-of-the-art laser technologies for highest productivity and quality results. This also applies for complex multi-level 2D or 3D structures.

We know that our customers appreciate transparency. Therefore, before concluding a contract, we determine the productivity of the planned DIGILAS machine. For this purpose, we engrave the customer’s data (onto a cylinder supplied by the customer) and measure the performance. The result makes possible an exact ROI calculation, and thus facilitates the buying decision.

DIGlLAS machines enable the processing of a wide range of most different materials from copper, steel and aluminium to hard rubber, polymers and ceramic materials as chromium oxide and tungsten carbide. In addition, our customers profit from technological progress: We will inform without delay about innovations and are ready to implement technically reasonable improvements into the respective machine.

Machine features

  • MACHINE FEATURES High quality components from premium manufacturers
  • Imaging of printing and embossing cylinders: 8 beam technology (2 x 4 beams) for ablating black laser lacquer (2 x 200 W laser power)
  • Direct engraving of printing and embossing cylinders with 4 beam technology (max. 2 x 500 W laser power)
  • Engraving of anilox screen rollers with 4 beam technology (max. 2 x 700 W laser power in Ti203 ceramic)
  • Machine bed: depending on the size, made from grey iron, granite or steel
  • Ultra-precision spindle ball bearings or hydrostatical bearings
  • Direct drive technology for cylinder drive and linear motor for feed
  • Temperature control of the whole machine for use in the ultra-precision range
  • Automatic dynamical balancing of the machine in order to reduce vibrations
  • Use of single and multiple focus heads, depending on the production requested
  • Integrated automatic brushing function for the production of embossing structures
Features Digilas Digilas CE
Bed size 1200 to
9000 mm
to 9000 mm
Cylinder diameter 50 to 850 mm 50 to 1200 mm
Cylinder length to 7100 mm to 7100 mm
Laser sources to 2 to 4
Laser types CW, PS (NS) CW, PS
(NS, PS, FS)
Max. laser power 1400 W individuell
Beams 8 Lack / 4 direkt to 16
Spot size 10 µm to 3 µm
App. Lacquer •*
App. Metal direct •*
App. Anilox •*
App. Rubber •*
App. Security •*

* Up to 2 apps at customer’s option