“A real Multi-Tasker”

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The Digilas is based on a polymer concrete filled steel construction that is stable and vibration-free or on a single piece granite block. The flexible machine concept with various installation sizes can process cylinder sizes from 20 mm up to 8000 mm face length with a cylinder diameter from 50 mm to 1500 mm. Cylinders weighing up to 20000 kg can be lasered in the Digilas.

The construction and the resulting machine design turn the Digilas into a real “Multi-Tasker” and therefore the machine size can be offered according to the application required.

Thanks to the compact modular concept, the Digilas can be easily upgraded to future laser generations.

In the printing business high flexibility is very important. Various types of cylinders for the packaging, décor, security and embossing industry, such as automobile, hygiene, tissue, leather and textile industry as well as the glass and wallpaper industry require a special and fundamental machine design from Schepers.

During the design stage the team of Schepers has to take into consideration cylinder weights of up to 20000 kg, which have to run later smoothly and without any vibration in the machine.

For such applications Schepers design a certain range of machines corresponding to special cylinder sizes, but they also develop and manufacture machines according to the customer’s specifications.

Machine range

total cylinder length max. 9000 mm
Diameter max. 1500 mm
Cylinder weight max. 20000 kg
Machine weight max. 90000 kg

Different machine sizes on request.

Digilas uses a fiber laser in one beam – or multiple beam configurations for imaging specially coated gravure cylinders or for direct engraving into copper, aluminum, nickel and steel. Our goal is a high-tech product with a very high availability by minimal cost of service and maintenance. A solid and fundamental design is one of the basic requirements for a very high lifetime of our machines.

Further technical information

  • Laser beam ‹ 10 µm (down to 3 µm on special request)
  • Resolution up to 1 µm / up to 25,400 dpi
  • Laser ablation
  • Direct engraving of different metals such as copper, aluminum, nickel and steel, brass
  • Direct engraving into ceramic for anilox rollers
  • 2, 4 and 8 beam technique
  • Rotating speed max. 4000 rpm based on the circumference
  • High automation level until fully automatic system level (full automatic system on request)
  • Screen widths, screen angles, distortion, modifications of gradation can be adjusted at the system.
  • Modern PC-Control engraving System
  • Fast Internet based Support (available on request)
  • Worldwide Service Stations with trained technicians

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