Brushing machine

The mechanical concept of this machine is similar to our grinding machines:

The main bearing housings as well as all necessary machine parts are mounted on a welded steel machine bed. A stable machine table will be mounted on pre stressed linear guide rails. This table is driven by a threaded spindle along the roller surface and is carrying the brushing head of the machine. The brushing head consists of two motors a rotation unit as well as an additional guide table that controls the position of the brush in relation to the roller surface. The brush is rotating in two dimensions and an automatic measurement system takes care that the wear of the brush is automatically compensated.

Similar to a laser or to a lathe machine the spinning brushing head will be moved slowly over the spinning embossing roller.

All speeds can be adjusted and can be stored in a parameter management system.

The shafts of the embossing cylinders are held by a chuck on one side and a revolving tailstock centres on the other side.

All necessary operating elements are clearly arranged on a touch panel

Machine range

Total length max. 4700 mm
Diameter max. 650 mm
Cylinder weight max. 3000 kg